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  • Guangdong Tourleader Design Co., Ltd

        Guangdong Tourleader Design Co., Ltd. is a first-class agency in tourism planning, urban planning, architecture and landscape design in China. It has Grade A qualification for national tourism planning and design and Grade B qualification for urban and rural planning. Moreover, it has international high-intensity professionals such as national first-class registered architect, registered planner and senior urban planners. 

        The company provides a complete tourism development and design industry chain, and has completed hundreds of tourism planning and design projects for many enterprises and government agencies at home and abroad.

  • Guangdong Tourleader Cultural Creative Co., Ltd

         Guangdong Tourleader Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tourleader Group, is devoted to providing one-stop development services of tourism, and cultural and creative projects for tourist enterprises and helping clients improve their market recognition and economic value of brand. With compound creative consulting and design team, the company mainly engages in four core businesses, namely the planning and design of cultural and creative brands, atmosphere building of cultural and creative topics, development and customization of derivatives, and guidance on operation and promotion of cultural and creative brands. Starting by discovering the project characteristics and in combination with the brand story and visualization design, the company provides clients with comprehensive service including creation of creative culture brands, cultural and creative IP hatching, design and R&D of cultural and creative derivatives, assisting with communication with high-quality downstream suppliers and implementing and putting design proposal into production and aims to construct the whole-industry chain service, covering all segments from culture to brand, from ideas to products, and from design to operation. 

  • Guangdong Tourleader Tourism Operation Consulting Co., Ltd.

        Guangdong Tourleader Tourism Operation Consulting Co., Ltd., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tourleader Group, which specializes in operation and management as well as declaration and creation of scenic spot. In terms of operation and management of scenic spot, our company can provide reasonable and efficient solution according to the situation of different scenic spots and assign professional team to the scenic spot who will participate in and provide guidance on the actual operation of the scenic spot, improving the profitability and commercial value of scenic spots. Our consulting declaration service is oriented to the creation of state-level or provincial-level tourist resorts, creation of 4A or 5A level scenic spot, pastoral complex declaration, and special fund declaration, etc.

  • Guangdong Zhengheng Architectural Design Co., Ltd

         Guangdong Zhengheng Architectural Design Co., Ltd has the Grade A qualification of National Construction Engineering Design and Grade C qualification of the municipal industry road engineering. The company's main business scope includes tourism construction, public buildings, residential buildings and commercial complexes. 

         After years of operation, it has accumulated numerous project design and construction cases. The company has a design team with high professional quality, rich experience and professional support, including registered architects, registered structures, registered planners and senior title professionals.

  • Guangdong Tourleader Investment Co., Ltd.

         Tourleader Investment is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tourleader Group. It focuses on in-depth exploration of tourism resources and value enhancement, and aims to create a tourism product with clear profit model. With the goal of tourism industry value discovery and value enhancement, the integration of tourism industry resources will be carried out. At present, Tourleader Investment has already cooperated with internationally renowned IP, and will make layout of this IP tourism product in the country.

  • Guangdong Tourleader Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd.

        Tourleader Ecological Agriculture is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tourleader Group. It focuses on agricultural production and forestry cultivation, paying attention to southern medicine, fruits, tea and economic forests. Based on scale, quality and branding of agriculture, it combines with the health industry and the tourism industry, combines farming and breeding, develops leisure agriculture, and fosters rural care. It is committed to creating a national pastoral complex and a rehabilitation and recuperation tourism demonstration base.

record number: ICP 10041638 -1, share.

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