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About Tourleader

Tourleader Group is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in design, tourism, cultural creation, health industry, agriculture and forestry, and operates in accordance with the modern enterprise system. The business scope includes carrying out tourism development and design, operation and management consulting, cultural and creative design and cultural and creative product operation in tourism cities and tourist resorts, investment in tourism projects, integrated housing design and construction in tourist resorts, agroforestry and health industry investment.

As an industrial service company, Tourleader Group is a vice presidentunit of Guangdong Province Tourism Association. Our work is highly recognized by the government, the market and the academia.

Our core strengths lie in accurate understanding of the needs of the cultural and travel m arket, and in-depth research and development of investment and holiday products. We are able to provide unique one-stop services for investment, operation and sales in the later stage of the project.

The subsidiaries include Guangdong Tourleader Design Co.,Ltd., Guangdong Tourleader Cultural Creative Co.,Ltd., Guangdong Zhengheng Architectural Design Co.,Ltd., Guangdong Tourleader Investment Co.,Ltd., Guangdong Tourleader Tourism Operation Consulting Co.,Ltd., and Guangdong Tourleader Ecological Agriculture Co.,Ltd.

Tourleader Group has Grade A qualification for national tourism planning and design, Grade B qualification for urban and rural planning, Grade A qualification for construction industry (construction engineering), and Grade C qualification for municipal design. We will always treat customers as partners, take care of their needs, be responsible for them, and create benefits for them, which also constitute the corporate purposes.

Group Framework

record number: ICP 10041638 -1, share.

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