Tourleader Design

  Guangdong Tourleader Design Co., Ltd. is a domestic first-class agency in tourism planning, urban and rural planning, architecture and landscape design, and is a wholly-owned core enterprise of the Tourleader Group.  

  The company has Grade A qualification for national tourism planning and design, Grade B qualification for urban and rural planning, moreover, it has international high-intensity professionals such as national first-class registered architects, registered planners, and senior urban planners.

  The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. It is a A-level enterprise of national high-tech enterprise and tax credit, Guangdong provincial contract-honoring and credit enterprise, China Tourism Association Hot Spring Branch executive director unit, Guangdong Provincial Engineering Survey and Design Industry Association private branch governing unit, the executive director unit of the Guangdong Provincial Tourism Association.  

  At the same time, it cooperates with the university to cultivate industry talents, and is the student employment and entrepreneurship practice base of South China University of Technology, and the internship base of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Guangzhou University.

  The company is committed to providing a complete tourism development and design industry chain, and closely cooperates with other subsidiaries of the Tourleader Group to form one-stop industrial services from planning, design, construction, investment, to landing operations. The design process covers one-stop service from plan to construction drawing.  

  The project covers all parts of the country and Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Australia, Libya and other foreign countries, and has completed hundreds of tourism development and design projects for many enterprises and government agencies.

  Vision: To construct an international first-class hydrophilic holiday design company

  Mission: To create the beauty of a hydrophilic holiday

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record number: ICP 10041638 -1, share.

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